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Where to begin with Affirmations

Let’s be honest, friend.

Affirmations can be uncomfortable.

A few years ago, I was in a really stressful phase of life. I was a wife, mother of 2 tiny humans (including breastfeeding/pumping for a million years), working a full-time job, and trying to get a big idea off the ground on the side. 

To help control my daily stress, I started a morning ritual of yoga, meditation and filling out an entry in my Tom Bilyeu journal.  

As someone who had continuously been an employee from the age of 15, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur was simultaneously the thing I wanted the most (freedommm!) and also the thing that perpetually felt like it would never happen (what about insurance? kids? stability?!)

In addition to the pre-canned journal entry, I started to write out affirmations in the form of gratitude statements.

“I am grateful that… I am a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business / I am an exceptional wife and mother / I live in a home that’s been featured in magazines / I am a multimillionaire with a wonderful family life…”

I gotta be honest: I felt like a weirdo. 

I *kinda* believed what I was writing, but a part of me also felt like those things would never happen. And I would DIIIIE of embarrassment if anyone would take a peek in that notebook, even my husband who knows me better than anyone.

But you know what? 

Over time, I actually started to believe the statements I was writing. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, those moments of writing would get me jacked up with gratitude for my life. I would leave those morning times in a proactive mindset to move through a day with a sense of control rather than a reactive feeling of constant stress.

As the founder of Ruju I wish I could tell you one of those unbelievable stories about how I started speaking affirmations and then - BAM - I got everything I was writing down overnight…

I do have some trippy stories about manifesting (for another day!) but I think we all know that overnight glory isn’t the “proof” that affirmations work, nor is it even the point.

The real value in incorporating affirmations in your daily mindfulness practice comes from that sense of gratitude, peace and control that you carry throughout the day. Once affirmations get really embedded into your thoughts and feelings, you step out from that default victim role (“I never get what I want!”) and into the creator role (“I create the life I want!”) 

This is the role you were made for, friend. I hope you feel it today🤍




If you’re just getting started with affirmations would like some guidance on where to begin, check out the Affirmations Quiz 👈

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