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International Women's Day 2022 👯‍♀️

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Today is International Women’s Day, 2022. 

Every year I enjoy contemplating the idea that women all over the world are celebrating our collective feminine energy. 

I love to reflect on the women who came before me in my lineage, my culture, my country, and even my international community  — women who have endured a lot over the centuries! 

I’m having a lot of feels about the topic this year in particularly, probably because I’m really passionate about the world being a better place for women. 

Even while you’re reading this, there is an important moment in history occurring as a country on the other side of the world is invaded, bombed and enduring a disruption that will impact generations of its inhabitants. 

My thoughts have been going to the women of that nation who are under extreme stress as they navigate both fear for and day-to-day care of not just themselves but their babies, their aging parents, and their sons, husbands, brothers and even fellow women who may be in the warfare. 

The Ukrainian women are certainly showing courage, intelligence and efficiency to survive that rivals the military forces in action.

They are living examples of the Overcomer spirit that previous generations of women in each of our lineages embodied, which we now stand on the shoulders of, emotionally and spiritually. 

Today I encourage you to set aside a few moments to really contemplate the current experience of the Ukrainian women and the families they are trying to keep alive. 

Join with me in sending them prayers of peace, hope and miraculous guidance as they navigate the current day as well as the days ahead. 

And if you are able to give financially to support Ukrainians in crisis, here are two non-profits to consider:

CARE. The international humanitarian group is providing food, water and other items to families fleeing violence in Ukraine. Contribute here.

Voices of Children. The Ukraine-based charitable foundation has been offering psychological counseling, including art therapy, for children affected by war in the country's east since 2015, according to its site. The group is currently helping children and families across Ukraine, including helping with evacuations.


Sending peace, love and feminine energy ✨


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